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A Match Made in Heaven… or Some Other Lab
Anisa Al Raisi
When Matt Lundquist was asked if there were any differences in his couples counseling sessions after the emergence of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, he said that it had made him less excited about asking couples their “how did…
The Deep-Fried Post: An Exploration of Social Media Authenticity
Chris Chu
Social media has ruined authenticity. I can guarantee that nobody is authentic online, just like nobody is 100% truthful in real life. That’s not to say we’re all catfishing each other, but when we have control over a profile, how…
a new dictionary lol
Calen Chung
Language of the 2010s far surpassed what it was in the 2000s. The use of acronyms no longer became limited to teenage girls with pink flip phones. With texting and posting to social media becoming an integral part of our…
Picture Perfect Food
Aira Dolfo
What does it mean to be ‘instragrammable’? Food on Instagram has dramatically changed the food culture with viral photos influencing the way we eat. For many people, Instagram is how they find new restaurants and cafes to eat at, just…
An App Invasion
Maya Eapen
Why can’t we spend a simple journey being present in the moment? Before the 2010’s I remember being perfectly content walking down the road by myself, soaking up the surroundings, replaying discussions with my friends in my head or thinking…
The 2010’s Return to The Occult
Adelai Evans
“Occult” is such a broad term, but it can mean various theories and practices involving a belief in and knowledge or use of supernatural forces or beings. Such beliefs and practices—principally magical or divinatory—have occurred in all human societies throughout…
Pink Hair
Nika Simovich Fisher
I first noticed it on Gwen Stefani during her Return of Saturn heyday. It was a vibrant, punk rock shade of magenta that signified irreverence and a madcap beauty that stood out against the bubble gum pop backdrop of…
The Promising Future of Space Exploration
Emiliano Flores
After a decade of incredible discoveries and achievements in space exploration, the Universe is back in fashion. We can look back at the 2010s as a decade of exploration of new worlds and new frontiers. A decade when missions to…
Squishy, Slimey, Satisfying
Trudy Hoang
Sitting on the carpeted floor of my bedroom, nose right up to the mirror, I stare at the small, pink bump that was smack right between my eyebrows. It was probably just the size of a Sharpie mark, but…
Dead Tech
Scarlet Li
In this past year or so, I have found myself more and more nostalgically attached to things; especially things that really don’t have any practical use. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older (even though I’m only 21),…
Children and Blue Light
Tata Rekso
You’re eating with your family (or alone) in a restaurant.
We Said Enough!
Amal Shaheedi
Aurat March (Urdu: مارچ عورت), refers to protests organized in various cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Hyderabad, Karachi and Islamabad, to observe International Women’s Day on March 8th 2018, and again the following years.
Video Game in China: from niche to public
Joyce Shi

The launch of Nintendo’s new console “Tencent Nintendo Switch” in mainland China brings video games to some people who have never been part of the target audience of the console game industry before.

It was a bomb.
No one could…


52 days passed since the 2010s ended. Reflecting on the near recent past is both a challenge and an opportunity to intertwine our memories. Throughout five weeks in the Spring semester, 12 Parsons Communication Design students, and I visualized the impact of this past decade. Each participant meaningfully contributed to this discussion through an entry housed on this publication. With time, patterns emerge and aesthetics become obvious, but for now, this collection explores our current personal and collective memories while they’re fresh in our minds.

This workshop ran from January 24th to February 21st. You can observe a process journal from both the students’ and teacher’s point of view.


This anthology was completed in What Did The 2010’s Look Like, a workshop taught by Nika Simovich Fisher at Parsons School of Design during the Spring 2020 semester. This website was designed and developed by Nika and Dylan Fisher of Labud with valuable contributious from the students.